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children of the goddess


The Lunar Empire is a mighty and dynamic civilization.
The Moon Herself hangs overhead, turning through Her weekly cycle of death and rebirth.
Its boundary is the Glowline, a wall of red light that encloses it like a cloak of peace.
The air beneath the Moon is cleansed of turbulent storm entities by powerful Lunar magic, and the savage forces of winter are held back by the annual Kalikos Expeditions.
The light of the Moon supports and propels the moonboats that carry dignitaries and messages through the sky, supernaturally augmenting its criss-crossed roads and river routes.
月の光は、超自然的にその交差される道路と川ルートを増大させて、空を通って高官とメッセージを運ぶ moonboats を支援して、そして推進させます。
On those roads march the proud troops who defend and extend this Empire, the trade that enriches it and the travelers who take the unparalleled opportunity to see new places and explore new experiences.
それらの道路の上にこの帝国(皇帝の) を守って、そして拡張する得意な兵隊、それを豊かにする貿易と新しい場所を見て、そして新しい経験を探究する比類ない機会をつかむ旅行者が行進します。

What Everyone Knows


Cilor Negial on common knowledge: ‘You get what you pay for.’
周知の事実に関する サイロール・ネギアル :「あなたはあなたが支払うものを手に入れます。」

Who Are We?


We Are All Us!
Sedenya teaches that everyone is equal in her divine light, and we can all become part of Her great plan.
Of course, many people do not yet know that they are Us, but through generations-long magical projects, devoted missionary work and, when necessary, the reluctant application of force, we can help them reach this understanding.
献身的な伝道の作品、もちろん、多くの人々がまだ(彼・それ)らが Us である、しかし世代 - 長い魔法のようなプロジェクトを経験していることを知りませんそして、必要、力の気が進まないアプリケーションをとき、我々は(彼・それ)らがこの理解に達するのを手伝うことができます。
Nothing bars you from becoming Us, not birth, education, or species, as long as you accept and strive to understand Sedenya’s ways.

What is the Lunar Empire?

ルナー帝国(皇帝の) ? であるもの

The political expression of the Moon’s design.
Only a minority within the Empire directly worship an aspect of Sedenya or another Lunar deity, but we all accept the might and majesty of the Red Emperor, Her immortal son.
ただ帝国(皇帝の) の中の少数派だけが直接セデーニアあるいはもう1つのルナー神霊の相を崇拝します、しかし我々はすべて赤の皇帝、彼女の不死の息子の精霊力と威厳を受け入れます。
The Empire comprises many different homelands and peoples, and we accept them all.
帝国(皇帝の) は多くの異なった故国を構成します、そして民族と我々は(彼・それ)らのすべてを受け入れます。

Who Rules the Empire?

誰が帝国(皇帝の) を支配しますか?

The Red Emperor: Moonson, Takenegi, Padishah!
赤の皇帝: Moonson 、 Takenegi 、 Padishah !
He rules with wisdom and charity from the Throne of Justice.
Of course, as the old Pelorian saying goes, ‘The Emperor is light, the landlord is food.’
Your village elders, town magistrates, or other local leaders are much more important in daily life.
They obey regional rulers, who obey the satraps whom the Emperor appoints, who in turn obey the Emperor himself.
(彼・それ)らは順番に皇帝自身に従う、皇帝が任命する satraps に従う地域の支配者に従います。
In the Provinces, the Provincial Overseer in Mirin’s Cross oversees the local kings.
州で、 Mirin のクロスでの地方の管理人は地元の王を監督します。

What Do We Believe?


We believe in Sedenya, the reborn Moon Goddess, and all Her aspects: Rufelza, the Red Moon who hangs comfortingly above us, day and night; Natha, the cyclical Lunar power; Taraltara, the Turner, the Moon behind the Moon.
We believe in the Seven Mothers who brought Sedenya back to us, and in all the other Lunar gods, goddesses, spirits, and powers.
The Lunar credo is a simple prayer that states basic beliefs about our Red Goddess.
Everyone in the Lunar Empire who has participated in any religious festival has heard it.
どんな宗教的なフェスティバルにでも参加した帝国(皇帝の) が持っているルナーの皆がそれを聞きました。
Anyone dedicated to any Lunar religion knows it by heart.
Anyone who has awakened their Seventh Soul has experienced it.
Above all, we believe in Sedenya’s message of progress, renewal, and inclusion.
She teaches us to accept everyone and everything.
She asks us to see beyond surface appearances and prejudices.
She wants us to discover our own truths.
Her own death, dismemberment, rebirth, disappearance, and subsequent return prove Her mastery of life after death.
When everyone worships the Red Moon, a new age of peace, harmony, and plenty will come to Glorantha.
Meanwhile, we know that the old gods worshipped by most Imperial subjects around us also have an important part in Sedenya’s great scheme of things.
Just because we embrace the new does not mean we reject the old.

The Goddess Enters Godtime

女神は Godtime に入ります

A woman is laying aside her cloak and clothing.
Her hair is bound in a knot on top of her head.
She maintains a belt with sickle knife and a wreath upon her brow.
Otherwise, she is naked.