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Legend of Norrath Winner's Choice Tournaments Weekend 12/1-12/2 - 11/30/2007
Don't miss theLegends of NorrathWinner's Choice Constructed Tournaments happening this Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd, at 10AM PST and 5PM PST! Check out ourEvents Calendarfor more details. See you there!

Event Feeアリ、賞品アリなので特に解説なし。

TCGPlayer.com Forsworn Preview: Runaway Clockwork - 11/30/2007
TCGPlayer.com will be featuring a preview of theForsworncardRunaway Clockworkthis week, with an article by Evan "Heimlich" Lorentz. Be sure tocheck it out!

TraitはConstruct…Clockwork SpiderもAnimalですし、Clockworkも種族としては成立してないようです。


※Shard of Fear…ではなく、Secret of Faydwer。EQ1の最新拡張で、Meldrathが機械要塞か何かを建造してるようです。

Get the First Legends of Norrath Forsworn card - available on December 3, 2007! - 11/29/2007
With the release of Forsworn just around the corner, we are giving players the opportunity to leap into Forsworn gameplay with the Froglok Herbalist. This powerful new unit features a brand new addition to Legends of Norrath – the Froglok race, as well as the Reinforce keyword (which allows this unit to jump to other quests in time of battle). These amphibious flower pickers are the perfect compliment to your Legends of Norrath dominance! 

Froglok Herbalist

The Froglok Herbalist can be yours for a limited time from the Legends of Norrath store between Monday, December 3rd at 3:00 PM PST and Monday, December 17th at 3:00 PM PST. Every three (3) Oathbound Booster Packs purchased will add one (1) copy of the Froglok Herbalist (2P1) digital promotional card to your Legends of Norrath online collection.

May the valor of Mithaniel Marr shine upon you! 

Froglok Herbalist入手方法:
12/4 8:00~12/18 8:00(日本時間)の間、Oathboundのブースターを3パック購入すると1枚貰えます。


いっそこれをPromo Weekendで出しておけばポイント高かったんですが。

Forsworn Unit Week: An Elf of a Different Color - 11/29/2007
by Evan "Heimlich" Lorentz, Game Designer at SOE Denver

In the Oathbound set, all units with the Elf trait were light. Conceptually, the designers thought of all these units as High Elves. But of course, the world of Norrath is home to other kinds of Elves -- and we had an eye on a future that would allow us to include those others in Legends of Norrath as well.

If you've been keeping up with the Forsworn previews so far, then you've already seen the opposite end of the spectrum. The Dark Elf Noble is one of several Dark Elves in the set. As you might expect, they're all shadow. But what about the happy medium filled by neutral units? Forsworn has representation in this area as well, in the form of Wood Elves. Here's a sample: 

Wood Elf Ranger

You may not be able to afford the 3 power to "shoot one of the Ranger's arrows" on every single turn, but let's face it -- it costs a fair amount of power because the ability is really useful. This is one of a very small number of cards able to deal damage outside of combat repeatedly (not just one time). The Ranger can be used to surgically take out a wounded or low-health unit before you begin a combat -- or in situations where engaging in combat with your opponent is not the best strategic choice. And note that the Ranger doesn't have to exert to use this ability. Later in the game, when you have more power at your disposal, you might even find situations where you'll fire off more than one shot in a turn.

Thanksgiving Tournament Marathon Weekend - 11/20/2007
Legends of Norrath will be thanking players over the extended Thanksgiving weekend by rewarding them with extra packs and loot!

Between 5:00 PM PST on Wednesday, November 21st and until 12:00 AM PST on Monday, November 26th players can accumulate an overall tournament score based on their win/loss record in tournaments (3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss). To earn points during this marathon, simply participate in any tournament over this holiday weekend. Draft, Constructed, Highlander or No-Rare format all count toward earning points. The top two players with the highest overall tournament points (not rating) during the marathon weekend will receive a loot card of their choice!

As an added "thank you", we are increasing the rewards to our marathon tournament players. Each "Holiday Bonus" tournament during this Thanksgiving holiday marathon weekend will reward each player in the tournament with one (1) Oathbound booster pack! Head over to the Tournaments Lobby to build your tournament point score today. Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the entire Legends of Norrath Team!


Tech and Accounts/Billing Support limited during Thanksgiving Holidays (Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd) - 11/19/2007
This Thursday and Friday, November 22nd and 23rd, Technical and Account/Billing staffing will be limited to email support. Please visit the support site athttp://www.station.sony.com/en/support/to submit your inquiries.

Your opponent's best chance of dealing with the Wood Elf Ranger is to attack it on his own turn. But then, even this could prove challenging because he has the Sentinel keyword. Every unit your opponent plays while trying to amass attack will only help the Ranger's defense. And when your turn comes around, you'll be able to use that archery ability to take out that new opposition.

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Fallen ChieftainみたいなTrait強化はないかもしれません。

Forsworn Unit Week: Oozes and Ahhs - 11/28/2007
By Chuck "Shocho" Kallenbach, Game Designer

I bet when you first heard about the new Forsworn expansion set, you thought to yourself, "Gee, I hope there are lots of new unit types and traits. Like maybe some Oozes!" No? Really? Man, I thought they were pretty popular.

At any rate, the tradition of semi-autonomous piles of glop goes back a long way. Of course there are movies like The Blob, and a certain ground-breaking, paper-and-pencil roleplaying fantasy game featured a collection of mobile goo that did all kinds of fun things.

When we design a new game, there's always a period of random, crazy card design. There were dozens of card ideas generated for Oathbound that didn't make it into that first set. A few of them had effects triggered by self-destruction, and many of those became Goblins in Forsworn. But a select few that worked in different ways were deemed similar enough to get a trait, and the Oozes were born.

If you're a player who becomes sentimentally attached to his units, or somebody looking for sturdy types to roadblock, then Oozes are not for you. You won't get the full effect of these globs unless you kill them off. Of course, as in many things, timing is everything.

Grimy Ooze

The Ooze of the Grimy variety is handy against a rush of small units. If you can find a quick way to destroy it, you can clear away one whole side of the playmat. I like to use the Grimy Ooze with the Iksar avatar text that lets me exert to damage one of my units to draw a card.

I play the Ooze, whack it with my avatar, and then launch a raid that I plan to lose. Just don't exert the Ooze for attack, and you'll be sure not to win and be able to spray grimy goodness all over the place.

There are other Oozes in the set that punish your opponent for completing quests and even destroy an opponent's weapon. Another bonus from the art direction standpoint is that the artists had a fun time with the Ooze illustrations, providing us with some new and different looks for units in Forsworn.

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"種族"としての追加はFrogloks、Goblins、Dark Elves、Wood Elvesだと発表されていましたが、

Legends of Norrath Promo Weekend 11/30-12/2 -11/27/2007
Calling all EverQuest® and EverQuest® II players! What's more fun than defeating opponents in your game and picking up Legends of Norrath™ booster packs, starter decks and combo packs? Well, how about the opportunity to get even more of them?

Introducing the next Legends of Norrath Promotion Weekend, set to begin at 2PM (PST) Friday, November 30, 2007 and conclude at 11:59PM (PST) on Sunday, December 2, 2007. During this special weekend, EQ and EQII players should not only enjoy an increased rate of card pack drops, but will have the opportunity to obtain two brand new cards: Laricel the Gatekeeper (1P6) and Skyshield Maiden (1P7):

Laricel the Gatekeeper(1P6)
Skyshield Maiden(1P7)

For now, these two new cards will only be available during this three-day promotional weekend, so don't miss out on the chance to get them!

It's not only a great time for current Legends of Norrath players to score big, but also the perfect opportunity for EQ and EQII players to come see what all the buzz is about with this great new addition to the universe of Norrath. It will be a blast - especially with an increased opportunity to loot some great cards!

So combat those EQ and EQII enemies this weekend and loot, loot, loot! Then use your card bounty to continue on your way to becoming the ultimate Legends of Norrath player!

See you there!

12/1 7:00~12/3 16:59(日本時間)の間、以上のPromo Card2枚がDropします。
Maiden4姉妹の最後の一人と、Forswornに先駆けて登場するDark ElfのUnit、というのも渋い選択です。
LaricelはLegend扱いですが、Forswornで追加されるGormung the Cruel同様、LoNのシナリオアバターとしての登場しか確認できませんでした。
※12/3追記…(昨晩時点で)Posted Tradeを見た感じ、今回はかなりDrop渋いようです。

Forsworn Unit Week: Goblins, Powerful Perishables - 11/27/2007
By Paul "Merakon" Dennen, Senior Game Designer

The majority of the action in Forsworn's single-player campaign takes place in the Lavastorm Mountains, a region in northeast Antonica. Once the design team made that decision, we looked for new unit types from that region that we could incorporate into Legends of Norrath . Goblins immediately stuck out as a good choice, as they are the primary residents of Solusek's Eye, a lava-filled dungeon that is present in both EverQuest and EverQuest II .

We liked bringing in goblins to the LoN card game because we thought they were a good thematic fit for a type of mechanic that Forsworn would introduce: gaining a beneficial effect when your unit is destroyed. In Oathbound , there is only one unit, Cloudsong Maiden , with a death-triggered effect, and her effect can be as much a drawback as a benefit. In contrast, the death-triggered effects of the Goblins in Forsworn will almost always be a good thing for you. One example of is with today's preview card, the Fire Goblin Scout .

Fire Goblin Scout

With cost and combat attributes very similar to Oathbound's Terror Wraith, this unit is no chump in battle, especially when attacking. His death trigger can be very interesting. The obvious use would be a way to expedite your own questing, but be warned that the only time that you can finish a quest is during your own quest phase after you choose a quest. What this means is that if the Fire Goblin Scout is destroyed during your main phase, and you place the last level token needed for that quest, you will not immediately be rewarded with completion of that quest. On the other hand, if you can trigger its destruction during your own quest phase, that level token might be a difference maker. Fighters can do that with Whirlwind Attack, and all archetypes have access to Brutality which could do the trick.

Another use for the Scout's triggered ability would be in combination with a quest where you'd love to have a level token but you'd rather not complete. For example, as a priest you could play with Severed Paw of Opolla and drop your scout there to do some damage and then give yourself some power after your opponent counterattacks.

In addition to introducing Fire Goblins from Solusek's Eye, Forsworn will also feature units from the goblin city of Runnyeye, located in the Misty Thicket region of Antonica. Whether Fire or Runnyeye, one thing is almost assured: goblins will shake up the Legends of Norrath game with their perishable powers.

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Forsworn Unit Week: Frogloks, Children of Marr - 11/26/2007
By Chuck Kallenbach

Frogloks believe themselves to be the Children of Mithaniel Marr. The god of valor bestows upon them a strong sense of honor. They are morally virtuous and good-natured, and in Legends of Norrath such qualities are found in cards that have light faction.

Compared to the Barbarians, another light group of units, you'll find the Frogloks to be much more civilized. There are no Frenzy or berserker damage bonuses to be found amongst our new amphibian friends.

Like the Dwarves, you'll find the Guardian keyword on a couple of Frogloks. With a strict comparison of attributes, your new Froglok buddies are more like Dwarves then they are like Barbarians. Therefore, these followers of Marr will fit well into any of your decks that feature units that protect your avatar.

A total of eight different Froglok units are in the Forsworn expansion set, including one Legend. Several themes are found in just those eight cards, but the major new one is showcased on our preview card today, the Froglok Commander.

Froglok Commander

Let's examine that game text more closely. The white circle denotes that you won't be able to use the Commander's game text at all unless your avatar has become light. Once you've done so, he provides a terrific bonus of +1 defense to all Frogloks.

When we say "all," we mean "all." The Commander gives that bonus to himself. He gives that bonus to all your Frogloks. He even gives that bonus to every Froglok unit that belongs to your opponents! What a generous guy!

Makes you wonder if there are bonuses like this on some of the other Frogloks in Forsworn. What could they possibly be? Could they provide bonus attack? Or bonus health? Bonus damage? What are the possibilities with lots of Frogloks in play at the same time? Or even with two Froglok decks facing each other? Good thing we have a computer on hand to keep track!

Another theme introduced in Forsworn is carried out on a few of these Froglok units. Remember last week when Evan told you about the new keyword Reinforce? He hinted that some light units also have this kind of mobility – those units are Frogloks. Not only are they tough opponents for raiding decks or questing decks with boosting game text and solid defense attributes, they can use Reinforce to go where they're needed most.

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"A total of eight different Froglok units are in the Forsworn expansion set"


Phone and Live Chat Support will resume on Monday, November 26th from 10am to 7pm.


Forsworn Keyword Week: Reinforce - 11/21/2007
by Evan "Heimlich" Lorentz, Game Designer at SOE Denver

This is the final installment of Keyword week. (As mentioned on Monday, we'll be away Thursday and Friday for the American Thanksgiving holiday.) I have one last keyword from Forsworn to show you, and one more chance to talk about how keywords can be good for the game.

Reinforce to be Reckoned With

Before you take a look at today's preview card, you'll want to learn about the new Reinforce keyword: "Whenever combat is about to begin involving a friendly unit at a different quest, if your unit with Reinforce is ready, you may move it to that quest."

In short, a unit with Reinforce is, in many ways, a two-for-one. Defensively, you can't respond to a raid against your avatar using Reinforce, but you can make three units act like four units -- that's one regular unit at each quest, and a Reinforce unit to shift between the two as necessary. Offensively, you don't have to worry about playing a Reinforce unit at "the wrong quest." If you manage to punch through your opponent's units for a chance to raid against his avatar, it won't matter which quest that happens at -- the Reinforce unit can move to be there.

Here's one such unit: 

Dark Elf Noble

Not only can the Dark Elf Noble move between quests as you see fit, he deals 1 damage to an opposing unit in each battle he comes running to from next door. He's like a reusable Barbarian Butcher!

Exploring New Frontiers

In discussing keywords so far, we've talked about how they enable ideas that might be "easier done than said," and how they enable cards that are as simple to understand as "no game text" cards, while still bringing the strategic depth of game text. The Dark Elf Noble represents a both a fusion and an evolution of those two ideas.

If you ignored the keyword on the Dark Elf Noble and just read the remaining game text, the card wouldn't really work. You could punish the occasional opponent for using Decoy or Intimidate against you. You could pull off the odd combo with Depart or other such cards. But on the whole, there isn't a lot of unit movement in Legends of Norrath. (Well, not yet, anyway.) Which means that without the idea of Reinforce, the game text of the Dark Elf Noble is essentially not doable.

With Reinforce, however, there are potential new cards to be created -- not just because the keyword itself makes a big idea simple, and not just because new "almost blank" cards can be created that have the keyword, but because the keyword can be connected to other game text we couldn't otherwise design. Sure, we could have written out how Reinforce works, and then written out the rest of Dark Elf Noble 's text too -- but not only would that have been a tight fit for words on the card, the raw number of those words would have made the whole idea look a lot more complicated than it really is. And would we want to put a dozen cards like that into the set? Not really.

There are a few units in Forsworn with just the Reinforce keyword and nothing else. But there are also plenty that, like Dark Elf Noble, have something more to go with it -- all units that are really only possible because we had the keyword. You'll find these units split across Shadow and Light, with the Shadow units being mostly Dark Elves and the Light units mostly being.... a topic for another day.

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Forsworn Keyword Week: Sentinel - 11/20/2007
by Evan "Heimlich" Lorentz, Game Designer at SOE Denver

In his article yesterday, designer Paul Dennen mentioned that one great reason to employ keywords in Legends of Norrath is that it allows more involved concepts like Overwhelm to be conveyed simply. He also promised more insights into the use of keywords as we continue to unveil more Forsworn cards this week... and that falls to me.

The Best of Both Worlds

Regardless of whether the idea behind a keyword is more sophisticated like Overwhelm (having the most units at the place and time you apply an ability), or simpler like Frenzy (+1 attack until the end of the turn each time you play a card), the fact that the idea is summed up in a single word is another benefit of using keywords. In other words, they expand the possibilities of what can be considered a "basic" card.

If you look back at Oathbound, you'll find a few units without any game text, like the Barbarian Veteran and Dwarven Soldier. And just because they have no game text doesn't mean these cards are unpopular -- Fallen Orc and Everfrost Grizzly fall into this category as well. It's important to have some cards like these in the game. Not every card has to assault the brain with five lines of complicated game text for a match to be interesting, and every once in a while, the mind could use a short rest. But at the same time, you can't really have a lot of cards like these.

For one, there's an actual limit on how many such cards we could create. Admittedly, it's not so low a limit to cause worry, but there are only so many combinations of cost, attack, defense, damage bonus, and health. And though you could theoretically offer a light, neutral, and shadow version of each of those possibilities, you'd eventually get into reruns.

Secondly, while a few "blank units" won't make the game less interesting, too many of them probably would. A Fallen Orc is great and all, but how much more fun is it to walk the line between Shadow and Light and play one in combination with a Galebreaker Maiden? Game text is interesting. It deepens the game. It makes you think.

Keywords are a way to enjoy the best of both worlds. Several units in Oathbound were "only mostly blank," thanks to the presence of a single keyword -- units like Wild Barbarian, Dwarven Gladiator, and Dwarven Sentry, among others. Because players can learn quickly what Frenzy, Guardian, and Protector all mean, these cards are as quick to "grok" as their textless cousins. But because those keywords actually carry some game text in them, they can have the kind of greater strategic impact on the game that a "non-blank unit" has.

Nutritious and Delicious

So with that background, let's get to the new card!

Tellurian Recruit

You can see the one side (call it "the nutritious side") of what I've talked about immediately. This is a very clean and simple card that doesn't hurt your brain: it's a cheap pet for your Mage deck with some nice health.

But when you learn what "Sentinel" does, you'll enjoy the other side (call it "the frosted side") of the keyworded unit. Sentinel means: "Whenever an opposing unit is played at the same quest, your unit with Sentinel gets +2 defense until the end of the turn." And just like that, the strategic possibilities expand. Every time your opponent plays a new unit to try and overpower the Recruit, it pulls farther away for the turn. In many situations, your opponent won't be able to raid to kill the Recruit in a single turn; he'll have to do his damage with his own avatar during the quest phase, or play units now to be used next turn.

This and other units with Sentinel actually prefer an opponent using lots of cheap units rather than a few expensive ones. They don't get so demoralized when the Howling Frost Giant shows up. And they just point and laugh at Restless Bones. They are in some ways the defensive mirror of Frenzy. With several new Sentinel units to choose from, Forsworn will offer many new possibilities to a player looking for a more defense-oriented deck strategy.

Soon, you'll become as familiar with Sentinel as you are with the game's existing keywords, and you'll be enjoying the "nutritious side" and the "frosted side" together. Breakfast.... er, I mean... card game nirvana!

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Forsworn Keyword Week: Overwhelm - 11/19/2007
By Paul Dennen, Senior Game Designer at SOE Denver

Keyword Week

Welcome to keyword week. This week, we're going to talk about the new keywords that are introduced by the Forsworn expansion. The shortened week of articles (we'll be taking off Thursday and Friday for the American Thanksgiving holiday) works quite well for keyword week because there are only three new keywords in Forsworn.

In addition to revealing the new keywords and some cards associated with them, we're also going to talk about some different reasons why keywords are a good thing for Legends of Norrath.

Bundle Up

The first reason that keywords are a good thing is that they allow us to write cards that we otherwise wouldn't. I presume you've heard the phrase "easier said than done." Well, the way that I look at some keywords is "easier done than said." The idea behind the keyword is something that isn't that hard to understand, nor to remember, but to write it all out on a card would take a lot of words. It gets even worse if the concept is something that you want to use on multiple cards.

Today's keyword, Overwhelm, is a good example of "easier done than said". The definition of Overwhelm looks like this: "Whenever you apply an ability with Overwhelm at a quest where friendly units outnumber opposing units, place an additional level token at that quest." That's a lot of words. Certainly too many to be pasting onto a large batch of cards. But it's a concept that you can wrap your head around pretty easily, and it's not that hard to remember. Thus, the power of the keyword's association of the concept with a single word. The word itself is a key that unlocks a greater meaning. Keyword. Makes sense.

Early Power

Time for today's first spoiler card: 


Overpower is a simple little card with small numbers but potentially huge ramifications for the game. Consider that in Oathbound, no ability card that costs less than 2 power has more than 1 level. Overpower, because of the Overwhelm keyword, has the potential to effectively be a level 2 ability. When I play with Oathbound, on turn one what I typically look in my hand is a level 2 ability that I can play, so that I can complete a level-2 quest on my second turn for a reward. Sometimes it's an ability that costs 2 power. In that case, I look to see if I have a cheap unit to accompany it. For example, Jolting Blades and Dwarven Sentry makes for a solid turn one opening. Now with Forsworn, if I am playing with Overpower, I can potentially play a 2-cost unit on turn one and still threaten to finish a quest on my second turn. I can also open with Overpower and two 1-cost units which gives an even greater chance to trigger the Overwhelm bonus token.

Outta My Way

You'll find that the abilities in Forsworn that have the Overwhelm keyword are generally associated with battle. Here's one of two Mage abilities with the Overwhelm keyword: 

Phantasmal Charge

Based on EverQuest II 's illusionist spell, this ability gives the Mage player a boost in each of her quest phase combats. If you can turn that attack bonus into a victory and knock down your opponent's units so that you have the majority, your added bonus is the opportunity to place three level tokens there instead of two. This is the kind of ability that you might want to drag around for a while to take advantage of its powerful ongoing effect, so sometimes your decision whether to apply it for a bonus may be difficult. 

Mix It Up

One appealing aspect of Overwhelm is that it can help achieve a questing win, but only by having a deck that utilizes a mixture of abilities and units. If you're using Overwhelm and find yourself up against a heavily ability-based questing deck, for instance one that only uses the occasional unit as a minor roadblock, you will find it easy to apply bonus level tokens. The combination of combat pressure from your units and additional level tokens from your abilities can give you a leg up on the competition.

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Join in the Station Launcher Beta Test - 11/19/2007
Simplify logging into your favorite SOE games and clean those extra icons off your desktop using Station Launcher!

Station Launcher is a simple one-click application that securely delivers all of your Station games, friends and community news right to your desktop. Manage your Station gaming library like never before; it's fast, easy and secure.

Access all of your Station games in one convenient location using a unified interface that eliminates the need to have multiple game shortcuts and seperate logins between all your Station games. Increase your gaming library, auto update your games even while you are playing, use Station Friends to find your gaming friends fast and stay connected while they are playing any SOE game and much more!

For more detailed information and to download the beta client, click on the Station Launcher image below.

Station Launcher


Draftmania Weekend Starts Today! - 11/16/2007
Players have been eagerly anticipating the start of Booster Draft tournaments in Legends of Norrath! To kick off the fun, Draftmania Weekend starts today at 3:00 PM PST. Once draft tournaments go live, players will begin earning Limited ratings for the first time. The top two players with the highest Limited rating on Monday morning, November 19 at 12:00 AM PST will each receive a loot card of their choice! Stop by the Tournaments Lobby and join any Draft tournament to start building your Limited rating and win some loot.

Each Draft tournament is an 8-player tournament where players "draft" the cards from four (4) booster packs they will play in their tournament deck. These Draft tournaments will happen 24-hours a day and be 2 of 3 Match Play format (you have to best your opponent twice for the victory). For more details on Booster Draft tournaments and how they work, see the article onDrafting.

Booster Draft実装!

Legends of Norrath Loot Re-roll Fridays! - 11/16/2007
It's time again for the Legends of Norrath Loot Re-roll! Every month, we'll add two new loot cards to Legends of Norrath Oathbound booster packs. And not only will the new loot be available in unopened booster packs, every booster pack that's already been opened has a chance to receive one of these cards!

This month's cards:
Rallosian Claw Ornamentation(EQ1)

Vision of Fury(EQ2)

Be sure to visit LoN every Re-Roll day to see if you've received a new loot card.


Forsworn Preview: Spiked War Club - 11/16/2007
By Paul Dennen, Senior Game Designer at SOE Denver

One For All

It's still technically archetype week, but since there are four archetypes in Legends of Norrath and this is the fifth weekday, today's article is only thinly-related to archetypes. So, today's preview is a generic card that can be used by an avatar of any archetype. One card for all archetypes.

And All for One

Today we look at Spiked War Club, one of the generic weapons introduced by the Forsworn expansion. Representing a weapon that just about anyone on Norrath can use, this weapon is not only flexible in terms of who can use it, but it's flexible from turn to turn within a game.

Spiked War Club

Spiked War Club is an interesting Legends of Norrath card because it is a weapon that has the ability to provide defense. All combat attributes for one item.

When you're putting together a deck, do you ever find it hard to decide how many defensive cards to include? Frankly, with all the fast attack decks out there, you certainly should be considering some defenses. Well, Spiked War Club is a nice weapon to go to when you think you could use more defense, but you just can't figure out what cards to cut from your deck to make room for those defenses. Sure, it may not have the damage-dealing power of the Black Bone Dirk, but the potential to summon extra total defense in a time of need is nothing to scoff at.

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TCGPlayer.com Forsworn Preview: Lady Vox - 11/16/2007
TCGPlayer.com will be featuring a preview of theForsworncardLady Voxthis week, with an article by Chuck "Shocho" Kallenbach. Be sure tocheck it out!

Nagafen's Mate... さすがにVoxは強力です。

Forsworn Architype Week:Scout (Focus on Ranger) - 11/15/2007
By Chuck Kallenbach, Game Designer at SOE Denver

Archetype Week

Now it's time to round out Archetype Week with a peek at the Scout cards in the Forsworn expansion. While the focus in Oathbound was on Rogues, Assassins, Brigands, and Swashbucklers, the first expansion set provides a lot more cards for Rangers.

Our Chief Weapon is Surprise

The popular Hidden keyword is alive and well in Forsworn. Adding to the ten Hidden cards in Oathbound are an even dozen new ones. Those sneaky Scouts get the lion's share with four new Hidden cards.

Wyrmsteel Shortblade

You'll notice that Wyrmsteel Shortblade has a "when you play this" action in its game text that exerts an opponent. That's a theme that's featured on cards like Thorny Trap and Dagger of the White Rose, and you'll see more of that in Forsworn.

This new Scout weapon is like a 3-attack version of the Oathbound favorite Steel Dagger. Also note that the shortblade is a Secondary weapon, allowing your Scout to "dual wield" with another weapon in the Primary slot. You'll find one other Secondary weapon to add to your Scout's arsenal in Forsworn.

I Shot an Arrow Into the Air

You'll find five Scout cards that have the Archery trait in Forsworn, as a part of the ongoing Ranger theme. Three of them are abilities that have a new "arrow" mechanic. Like shooting an arrow, each of these abilities gives you the option of destroying it when you play it to get a special effect.

Debilitating Arrow

Debilitating Arrow, shown above, is definitely the nastiest of these new abilities. The first 6-cost Scout ability, it has 3 levels for questing if you choose not to use its game text. Blasting your opponent's abilities off the playmat can buy you a turn or two against an aggressive questing deck or blow away a key stance like Lethal Resolve, Provocation, or Focus Rage.

Something Old, Something New

Lots of other cards in this first expansion set expand the Scout themes begun in Oathbound. These include attacking avatars, manipulating level tokens, and adding surprise damage during combat. You'll also find a couple of new linking abilities that mark units in a most deadly fashion, and an ability that prevents damage outside of combat. Forsworn provides more combo possibilities involving exerted opponents, a strategy that began in Oathbound.

More in Store

This concludes our sneak peeks at each archetype's cards from Forsworn. Of course, we've only scratched the surface, and you'll find lots more great cards and new combos for all four archetypes. We haven't even started previewing the exciting new quests or generic cards (including dozens of new units) in this first expansion set. Combine that with ten new single-player scenarios, team play, and multiplayer raid games, and you'll find that Legends of Norrath is a whole new game!

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Dual Wield(二刀流)のためのSecondary武器、When You Play効果のついたカードの増加

Forsworn Architype Week:Priest (Focus on Nature) - 11/14/2007
By Paul Dennen, Senior Game Designer at SOE Denver

Archetype Week

We continue our look at what kinds of things Forsworn provides for the four archetypes in the game.

Second Nature

In Oathbound, priest cards were primarily drawn from the spells used by clerics, templars, inquisitors, mystics, and defilers. There were only a couple cards that were related to the nature-based priests of Norrath. Early in Oathbound's development, we did try to incorporate many nature-flavored spells, but we felt that we didn't have enough card slots to give everyone their thematic due. Forsworn will now rectify the situation and bring balance to the priest's card pool with the introduction of cards based on EverQuest's druid and shaman classes and EverQuest II's warden and fury classes.

We decided that rather than simply writing new types of game text for these cards, we would also add a special trait on the cards. Thus, you will find that each card based on these classes is tagged with a nature trait. This isn't something that you'll typically have to be concerned with, but it is a useful tool for writing cards that push certain deck archetypes. For example, there is at least one card in Forsworn that triggers an effect when you play another card with the nature trait.

Ready Yourself

One card with the nature trait is an extension of a cycle of tactics that began in Oathbound. The first two cards in this cycle were Mage's Intellectual Superiority and Scout's Vicious Flurry. These tactics are played when your avatar is in combat, exerted. Suddenly, you can surprise your opponent by not only readying your avatar but getting an additional bonus.

Here's the priest card in that cycle, inspired by the EverQuest spell of the same name that can give a druid or shaman an awesome burst of speed:

Spirit of Cheetah

The additional bonus in this case is rune-based protection. Now, I know what some of you are thinking: if I'm playin this card to ready my avatar, why do I need the rune? Should I follow up by exerting my avatar to win the combat? Sometimes, that would be correct - you only want the additional exertion or the rune. But consider that you could play this on defense during an opponent's heavy attack, lose the combat and use the rune for that combat. But now, on your following turn, your avatar will be ready going into quest phase, which can be quite useful.

Love Connection

In yesterday's article, Chuck explained that one of the new concepts in Forsworn lets you link your abilities to a target. The example he chose was Dark Coil -- a very mean spell by the way! Today's second spoiler card, based on an EverQuest II warden skill, shows that not all links have to be negative:

Nature's Respite

Have a favorite unit that you hate to see go to the discard pile? Embrace the power of nature and protect it with Nature's Respite. Of course, the irony of using this spell is that the "protected" unit will often find itself in harm's way. It'll almost certainly be the first unit to be destroyed if you are allocating damage! You may also find that Sacrifice works well in conjunction with Nature's Respite, preventing the usual card depletion that aggressive shadow decks normally face.

Parsley, Beasts, Ensnaring and Thyme

There are plenty more nature-based cards to look forward to in the Forsworn expansion. Some of them perform tricks that EQ and EQII players might expect: buff your animals, "rooting" your enemies in place. Others provide surprising new twists on Legends of Norrath gameplay. Playing with yellow cards has never been so exciting -- now yellow goes green!

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Forsworn Architype Week:Mage (Focus on Necromancers) - 11/13/2007
By Chuck "Shocho" Kallenbach, Game Designer at SOE Denver

Archetype Week
It's time for round two of four, and this time we're taking a look at the new Mage cards for the Forsworn expansion.

Necromancy for Fun and Profit

Mages are often more concerned with extracting power from the elements than the petty squabbles between Light and Shadow. The Oathbound set provided only two cards for each faction in the Mage archetype.

The focus in Oathbound was on Wizards, Conjurors and Illusionists, as typified by Karlemayn's starter deck with her Dwarven Soldiers and Renew Servantabilities. Forsworn provides three more Light cards for our frosty Gnome hero, but the big news is on the Shadow side. The focus in Forsworn is on the Necromancer class, with cards that drain life, raise the dead, and deal petrifying debuffs.

Connecting the DoTs

MMOs have a concept often nicknamed 'DoT,' or 'Damage over Time.' I place a 'debuff' on you, and as time ticks by, that enchantment deals damage with each tick. (Sometimes the buff is healing and the nickname changes to 'HoT' for 'Heal over Time.' You'll find those effects in Forsworn as well.)

Dark Coil

Legends of Norrath now has a way to represent these kinds of effects, and it uses a new concept called 'linking.' (Actually, the Mage card Fascinate was doing this kind of thing before it was cool.) For example, the Dark Coil ability shown above lets you select a victim when you play it. Then, each time that unit's owner begins a turn, Dark Coil deals 1 damage to it. An icon appears on the affected unit to show it's been targeted.

Of course this effect lasts only as long as both the ability and the unit are in play. That means your selection should take into account how much health that unit has, and how long you plan for your ability to be around. Shifting Sight is a valuable asset, keeping all your linked abilities through your quest phase and making sure they continue to pump out the damage.

Part of the fun in designing a turn-based card game that's based on a real-time roleplaying game is finding ways to represent the effects of spells and items from one type of game in the other.. We don't have a ticking clock for effects in Legends of Norrath, so we had to find another way to represent effects over time. I'm excited about the new linked effects in Forsworn, and you'll find them in abilities for three of the four archetypes.

Pets 'R' Us

Do Mages get new Pets in Forsworn? Of course they do! There are three new ones, and each is both deliciously Shadow and Undead. These traits provide interesting combo possibilities with cards like Fallen Chieftain, Necromantic Orb, Gharin's Note, Sacrifice, and all those lovely Maidens.

Restless Bones

Our featured Pet here is Restless Bones, a 2-cost Pet with a welcome attack attribute of 2 (it's good to be bad). Its game text makes it the gift that keeps on giving, since each time you play a Restless Bones all the other copies in your discard pile join the fray. Don't worry about playing that Sacrifice on your Restless Bones... he'll be back in action soon enough! They don't call them "restless" for nothing.

Shadow Is as Shadow Does

You'll find equally sinister mechanics and effects for all the new Shadow Mage cards in Forsworn. Interested in gaining power or healing your avatar? How about scaring away a unit or paralyzing your opponent? Those are all possibilities with the new 'necro' cards... even though sometimes there's a nasty cost involved. But you knew that dealing with the Dark Arts had a price, didn't you?

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Legends of Norrath Patxh Party - Tuesday, November 13th  - 11/12/2007
Get ready for the new EverQuest and EverQuest II expansions by heading over to Legends of Norrath with your favorite GMs! From 7:00AM PST to 10:00AM PST the EverQuest and EverQuest II in-game support team will be on hand to chat with players, run events, and give away bonus boosters and loot cards!

Be sure to download the stand-alone version of Legends of Norrath athttp://www.legendsofnorrath.com.

Head over to the Rallos Zek Casual Games lobby, where you can participate in trivia challenges and get in on some bonus boosters and loot cards! 

-Norrath Trivia Challenge: EverQuest and EverQuest II GMs will try and stump players with trivia from the worlds of Norrath. The first person to answer the question in a tell to the GM wins an Oathbound digital booster pack. One new question every 10 minutes.

-Paladon Beatdown: Denver's very own Kyle "Paladon" Heuer will run an ongoing Beatdown challenge. Each new participant will be selected by paladon through a trivia challenge to play in a casual constructed game. Each player to defeat Paladon will receive a random loot card and 5 booster packs.

JoinanyKarana(変更されました)Casual Games lobby, where you can get your hands on bonus boosters and loot cards by playing casual games against other players!

-Casual Game Loot: Once per hour we will award one player who is playing a casual game with a random loot card.

-Casual Game Boosters: Once every 15 minutes we will award one player who is playing a casual game with an Oathbound digital booster pack. 

↑時間修正しました(11/13 22:59)。

Rallos Zekロビー
Norrath Trivia Challenge
Paladon Beatdown
-Casual GameでPaladonを倒せば、ランダムなLootカードとBooster5パック進呈。
Casual Game Loot
-Casual Gameをプレイしているプレイヤー対象で、1時間に1回、1名にランダムなLootカード進呈。
Casual Game Boosters
-Casual Gameをプレイしているプレイヤー対象で、15分に1回、1名にBooster1パック進呈。

Architype Week:Fighter(Focus on Paladins) - 11/12/2007
By Paul "Merakon" Dennen
Humble Servant of Mithaniel Marr and Senior Game Designer at SOE Denver

Archetype Week

Welcome to archetype week. This week, the design team will tackle one archetype per day, presenting something new and interesting in the Forsworn expansion that was designed specifically for that archetype.

Holier Than Thine First Card Set

I think that Mithaniel Marr, Norrath's God of Valor and ultimate paladin, would be happy with the Forsworn expansion.

Paladins are holy knights and as you've already seen in the Oathbound set, cards that represent holiness tend to be light-aligned, e.g. Holy Aura. Holy Aura was a light-aligned fighter card, so clearly paladins have been represented already. In fact, Oathbound gave us the powerful Fiery Avenger sword, a card that spawned at least a few forum threads during beta. But Oathbound only laid a groundwork for paladins; Forsworn strengthens the foundation for playing a paladin avatar considerably. There are plenty of goodies for the goodies! I will also admit that my favorite deck to play so far during Forsworn playtesting has been my pally deck.

Go Quest Young Man

Some players have discovered that fighters are pretty good at questing for a victory. Because they've got some great defensive abilities and tactics, they're well-suited to being able to survive an aggressive opponent. They also have some self-healing cards so that they can last long enough to cross the questing finish line. Forsworn continues this trend, and offers powerful new twists for paladin decks. Here's a card that mixes a little bit of defense with a little bit of healing:

Crown of the Holy Defender

Crown of the Holy Defender is very similar to Turtleshell Helm, but with three important differences. First, the Crown costs 1 less power to play. Considering that this is the kind of card that you want to play as early as possible, that can be an important advantage. But now comes the drawback: if your opponent completes a quest, say goodbye to your lovely Crown. Still, if you find yourself up against an opponent who doesn't care much about completing quests, this isn't much of a drawback at all. You can also design a deck that tries to stop your opponent from completing quests, and thus maximize the duration that you'll be able to keep the Crown in play. The third difference is simply that the Crown is a light card and will thus swing your faction meter toward light faster than playing a neutral card like Turtleshell Helm.


One of the defining things about being a paladin on Norrath is your ability to summon a holy warhorse for yourself. Thus, I really put a lot of effort into coming up with a cool card representation of a holy steed for Legends of Norrath. For most cards, the design team likes to keep things relatively simple, focusing on one aspect of gameplay per card. But I was torn on the simplicity vs. complexity issue for Holy Steed, because there's just so many cool things about having a warhorse. After running a couple concepts by the other designers and of course our in-house paladin expert Kyle "Paladon" Heuer, here's the result:

Holy Steed

Defensive? Sure, even if only a token 1 defense, it's there representing the fact that sitting atop a horse makes the paladin a little harder to hit.

Fast? Yep, but only if you're utilizing light-aligned abilities. And Forsworn gives you some low-cost level 1 light-aligned abilities, letting you gallop through quests like butter.
Strong? Definitely. During each of your main phases, you can go romping through the countryside to attack a group of opposing units at a quest. You can use this to follow up an attack during your quest, perhaps punching a hole so that your army can get through to your opponent's avatar. Or you might have had an ability disabled by a wily opponent, an ability you were counting on to propel you toward a quest where you need some crowd control. With a Holy Steed on your side, you can't be stopped in your tracks quite so easily!

I'm pretty happy with where Holy Steed ended up, as it uses some relatively-simple pieces of game text to capture the feeling of riding a powerful warhorse. It also opens up the possibility of a strong new questing deck. I certainly hope you have fun playing with it once Forsworn releases. And may the glory of Mithaniel Marr be with you!

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Boost Your Collection and Have Some Fun! - 11/12/2007
By Chuck "Shocho" Kallenbach

It's time for Booster Draft!

What's more fun than a barrel of gibbering gnolls? A new tournament format for Legends of Norrath! If you haven't experienced a draft tournament before, it's a different experience in lots of fun ways. Generally speaking, we call the two types of tournament formats "Constructed" (build a deck before the tournament from the cards in your collection) and "Limited" (receive a pool of cards to build a deck just for that tournament).

Booster draft is the first of our Limited tournament formats. It's a great equalizer, since each player draws from a smaller pool of cards than her entire collection. No matter how you do during the tournament, you'll get 60 new cards added to your collection when the booster draft is complete!

How does booster draft work?

Each player brings 3 Event Passes and 4 Oathbound booster packs (unopened). Players are given a "draft order" as if they were sitting around a table, so conceptually there's a player to your left and a player to your right.

When the draft begins, one of your packs is opened and you'll see all fifteen cards displayed. You have nearly 40 seconds to pick one of those cards. Don't worry, you can change your mind if you want, but just make sure you have one picked before the time runs out.

When all the players in the draft have picked a card, each player passes his or her pack to the left. (Of course, all the passing and pack opening is handled by your computer client. No wrestling with uncooperative foil packs!) Then you'll see a pack of 14 cards that the player to your right has already chosen one card from. Pick one from that pack, and then you'll pass that one and see another pack with fewer cards.

This procedure continues until all the cards in each pack are drafted (that's 15 picks). (The time to pick your cards decreases as you have fewer to choose from, nearly 40 seconds for the first card of the pack to a little under 3 seconds for the last card in a pack). Once the first pack has been drafted, you'll open your second pack, and that pack passes to the right. The direction of passing the packs alternates with each pack, so you get a chance to get some idea what both players next to you are choosing. That's part of the strategy of booster draft!

How do I build my deck?

When you've drafted all four packs, you'll have 60 cards total to build your 40-card draft deck from. You'll enter a special Limited Deck Builder that shows only the cards you've drafted and ten extra cards that are used only in draft tournaments. Each player has 10 minutes to put together a complete draft deck. Make sure you save your deck when you're done by clicking the "Ready" button. 

North Karana

There are four default "Karana" quests provided, one for each level of 2, 4, 5, and 6. You can use these quests to build your deck if you didn't draft any quests while opening packs. Watch out though, because each one deals 1 damage to your avatar when you play it. It's a good idea to pick up quests during the draft so you won't get killed off by one of your own Karana quests! 


You can't create your own avatar to use in a draft deck, and you can't draft one because there are no avatar cards in booster packs. We provide six special avatars for draft that allow you to play two archetypes in the same deck. There is one for each combination of two archetypes, like the Mage-Scout card shown above. You can build your deck with generic cards and add in any cards from the two archetypes you've selected. That means you can create terrific new combos in draft that aren't even possible in constructed play!

If you have trouble making your 40-card deck even using cards from two archetypes and generic cards, then you can add cards from other archetypes. But if you must do this, you should try to avoid playing them because your avatar will take 2 damage for each one you play!

Let the tournament begin!

Once all players have built and saved their decks, the tournament begins. At this point it's just like a regular Swiss tournament, with random pairings for the first round and then matching up by tournament points after that.

In between rounds, you can return to the Limited Deck Builder and swap out cards to improve your deck if you like. You'll be limited to only the cards you've drafted and the twelve special draft cards, of course.

How do I know what to draft?

Booster draft tournaments require a different mind set than you use when building a constructed deck. You have to be flexible and creative, while still having a plan to build your deck. If you go into the tournament planning to play your two favorite archetypes, you may be disappointed when there are no good cards for them in the packs you draft from.

Knowing the card set well is an asset in booster draft. Sure, you can have fun and get lots of new cards for your collection by drafting only loot cards, foils and rares, but it will be hard to build a deck from those cards. Rare cards are generally narrow in utility, meaning they don't fit into a lot of different decks. Remember, you'll see many more commons and uncommons than rares in a booster draft.

You should also pay attention to what other players are drafting. How can you tell? If the player to your right keeps passing packs that have few Fighter cards, then that might be one of the archetypes she's drafting. You can learn a lot about the two players next to you by paying attention to what cards seem to be missing when they pass you a pack.

Sometimes it seems like nobody is drafting a particular archetype. Does that mean you should change your plans in mid-draft and jump on that bandwagon? These are the kind of exciting, on-the-fly decisions encountered only in a booster draft format.

What kinds of deck strategies are successful?

Since a booster draft deck is not as focused as a constructed deck, different kinds of strategies and combos are effective. You'll find that healing and questing work better in a booster draft than they do in the current constructed metagame.

Also, since decks are less focused, games can last more turns than a constructed deck game. You'll find that sometimes with a 40-card deck you'll actually run out of cards to draw and lose in a booster draft game. So you might consider adding a few extra cards, especially if you'll be using effects that draw extra cards during the game.

When does booster draft begin?

Friday afternoon, November 16th at 2:00 pm (PST) is when the automated queue events will become available. As soon as 8 players join the queue, a draft will begin. Start working on your Limited event rating with booster draft tournaments this weekend!

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下でお知らせしたトーナメントの追加、特にBooster Draftに関する詳細説明が発表されました。

Booster Draftの流れ
1.Event Pass3枚と、Booster(未開封)4パックを用意する。
 a)クエストカードを取らなかった場合、上記の"North Karana"クエストを使用してもよい

Booster1 Draftらしく、デッキの構築制限が緩くなっています・・・
17日6:00より、Booster Draftが実装されます。

A First Look at Forsworn - 11/09/2007
by Paul "Merakon" Dennen

Today is a fun day for the design team, as we finally get to talk about what we've been working on for the past few months. There's a reason why we're not often seen playing on the main Legends of Norrath server -- it's because we've been busy on the development servers testing new cards and new game concepts!

The development server has been a rocking place recently and it will continue to be over the next month as we continue to playtest the Forsworn cards. Let me say this up front: we are going to release spoilers from Forsworn before it releases, but we're still playtesting these cards; they may be changed by the time the set officially releases.

Before I get to today's spoilers, let me give you a brief overview of what you can expect from the expansion. First of all, over 250 new cards, which is a substantial percentage increase to the Legends of Norrath card pool. This will include lots of new cards for each of the four archetypes. We're not adding any archetypes nor are we making the game fundamentally more complex. Rather, we're making each archetype's card pool a bit deeper, with more strategic options. For example, the mage archetype is getting lots of shadow cards, which represent the necromancer classes from EverQuest and EverQuest II.

Another thing we're adding is the ability to play multiplayer, meaning more than two players. There's two-versus-two. Find a partner and develop a team-based strategy. And beyond that, we're introducing special multiplayer raids, where a group of players groups together to tackle a powerful AI opponent in a card-slinging battle of epic proportions. Beware, these raid bosses are powerful and will require teamwork and excellent cardplay to defeat. There are different raid scenarios, from a small 2vs1 raid to an epic 4vs1 raid where you and your companions journey to Old Sebilis to defeat Trakanon the ancient dragon. The Old Sebilis raid is very special in that there are premiere raid cards with art specifically created for it. Here's a little teaser of one of the Old Sebilis quest cards (without attributes and game text):

Trakanon's Cavern

Trakanon is one scary-looking beast. And just wait until you see his ability cards!

In addition to the action-packed raid scenarios, there's also a new single-player campaign that continues the story of the Oathbound heroes sworn to fight for the Tribunal. You'll have to defeat powerful new foes and overcome new puzzle-like challenges to reach the end of the story.

There's a lot of stuff to be excited about beyond that, including new unit races, new keywords, etc. but rather than overload you with all the details now, we're going to leave the details of all those things for the daily articles that will appear on this website over the next month.

For today, I want to make one thing clear. You can expect the metagame to shift a bit. Expect some strategies that were a bit weak in Oathbound to become contenders.

That doesn't mean that everything will turn upside down. Far from it -- there will be plenty of cards that can be used to supplement already-solid strategies. As an example, take today's first spoiler card: the Forsworn Crusader. He really packs a punch -- he'll be the first unit with a +2 damage bonus for less than 3 power. Pretty strong for fast unit strategies, huh?

Check it out:

Forsworn Crusader

You can see that his powerful punch comes with a drawback. Each time Forsworn Crusader is exerted, you deal 1 damage to your avatar. Still, if you can exert him for damage bonus against an opposing avatar, that's clearly a good trade-off; your opponent takes 3 damage and you take 1 damage. However, when Forsworn Crusaders are on the playmat, they'll turn your opponent's Outwit tactics into "Exert an opposing unit and deal 1 damage to its owner." Those will sting.

In addition to supplying new toys for already-strong deck types, the Forsworn expansion will also introduce new cards to bolster strategies that have been subpar with the limited options in the Oathbound set. For example, defensive strategies have been harder to execute than offensive strategies. Here's a Forsworn card that you might consider if you are concerned about your defenses:


Outmaneuver is a simple card, but it's effective against players who are trying to bash your avatar faster than you can say "have we reached turn 5 yet?" Because it is hidden, and costs less than 4 power, you can pull this out against an opponent who tries to snack on your avatar before you even have a turn. But even if you don't use its hidden capability, it's still a nice defensive ability to play on your own turn for 3 mana. Compare it to Back Away, which has the same defense and levels, but instead of discarding a card at random, you pay 1 more power.

Obviously, these are just two of the new cards from the upcoming expansion, and we didn't touch on any new mechanics. We'll leave that for the upcoming articles. We hope that you're as excited about the new set as we were when designing and playtesting it.

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新規拡張に合わせてくるところを考えると、EQ1で同時リリースされるSecrets of Faydwerに絡む要素もあるかもしれません。
(追加Unit TypeにDark/Wood Elfも…)

Introducing the first expansion to Legends of Norrath - Forsworn! - 11/08/2007

The battle of Order and Chaos escalates! The Chaos Overlord Zelos leads an army of traitors known as the Forsworn into battle against the Oathbound, threatening to disrupt the delicate balance between Order and Chaos!

This competitive and strategic addition to LoN offers:

New Avatar Races
New Keywords
2 on 2 Multiplayer
Multiplayer Raid Encounters
New Single-Player Scenarios
New Loot Cards
New Unit Types
New Legends
...and more!
Check out all the features in detailhere...and prepare for battle!


Announcing Three New Types of Legends of Norrath Tournaments! - 11/08/2007

Legends of Norrath Championship Series

Starting in December Legends of Norrath players can compete in the Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier tournaments. These events will run monthly and feature a prize pool of approximately $5000 USD. Winners can then go on to compete in the Legends of Norrath Championships for cash and prizes in excess of approximately $100,000 USD! (Date and location to be determined. More details to follow.)*

Booster Draft

Beginning Friday, November 16th, Booster Draft will be added to the automated-queues tournaments. Keep an eye out next Monday for more details!

Loot Tournaments

Compete in these monthly tournaments for promotional cards, booster packs, and EQ and EQ2 loot cards.

Check out all the detailshere. See you in the Tournaments Lobby!

*Please note: Residents of certain territories are ineligible to participate in LoN tournament play. Please see theEULA  for details.

EULA上、Booster Draft以外は関係ない?(現在調査中…)

Event Calendar

LON、拡張来る -FORSWORN-(2007/11/08)

· 新しいアバター種族
· 新しいキーワード
· 2対2のマルチプレイヤー
· マルチプレイヤーレイドとの遭遇
· 新しいシングルプレイヤーシナリオ
· 新しいルートカード
· 新しいユニットタイプ
· 新しいレジェンド
· ...そしてもっと!


Lucan D'Lere Promotional Pack now on sale in the Legends on Norrath Store 11/5 through 11/12! - 11/05/2007
Miss out on the first Loot Tourney Weekend? Here's a chance to get theLucan D'Lerepromo card and one of theBottled Breath(EQII) orScale of Rodcet Nife(EQ) Loot Cards, as well as three (3)OathboundBooster Packs, all in one package! This Promo Pack will be on sale in theLegends of Norrathstore from 11/5 through 11/12 only.

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