Tournament FAQ


Tournament FAQ
Q.When do tournaments happen?
A. Right now we are only doing select test tournaments and will launch the full program in the near future. Tournaments will be run according to different criteria, with several “queue” tournaments being started by players (when enough players join a specific queue the tournament will start), and major events started by SOE staff. The queue events will be able to start 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. The major events will start at specified times that will be listed on the Legends of Norrath web site and broadcast in-game. Stay tuned for dates and times.

このキュー・イベントは、いつでも開始することが可能です。メジャーイベントは特定の時間に立ち上げられ、Legends of Norrathのウェブサイトに記載され、ゲーム内でもブロードキャストされます。日時が決定し次第お知らせいたします。

Q. When do the tournament queues open for a scheduled event?

A. Queues for scheduled events are usually opened about 30 minutes before the start of the event.


Q. How do I become registered to play in tournaments?

A. To become a registered player, you need to have purchased at least one booster pack or starter deck at some point on the account you are attempting to use in the tournament. Once you have done this you will not need to do it again, you are registered from that point on. To purchase a booster or starter head over to the Legends of Norrath store.

A.登録済みプレイヤーになるためには、参加を希望するアカウントで、少なくとも1つのブースターパックかスターターデッキを購入する必要があります。一度この手続きを済ませれば、以降そうする必要はありません。ブースターおよびスターターを購入するためには、Legend of Norrath storeを利用してください。

Q. How do I join a tournament?

A. When you are in the tournament lobby, you will see a selection of tournaments in the “Tournament Queues” area. You can join the tournament you want by double-clicking or right-clicking on the specific event. Make sure you have the proper amount of Event Passes and a valid deck ready to go for the event you want to join.

A.もしあなたがトーナメントロビーにいるならば、"Tournament Queue"エリアで選択可能なトーナメントを確認することが出来ます。あなたは、このイベントをダブルクリックするか、右クリックすることでトーナメントに参加できます。イベント参加の準備として、十分な量のEvent Passと、正しいデッキを用意しておいてください。

Q. Where do I get Event Passes?

A. You can buy Event Passes up in the Legends of Norrath store.

Q.Event Passはどこで手に入りますか?
A.Event PassはLegends of Norrath storeで購入することが出来ます。
(編集者注:TradeおよびPosted Tradeでも入手可能です。)

Q. How many Event Passes does it take to enter a tournament?

A. This will vary from event to event and will be posted with each event’s details.

Q.トーナメントに参加するには、何枚のEvent Passを用意する必要がありますか?

Q. When do I select my deck for the tournament?

A. When you first join the tournament queue is when you have the opportunity to select to use any deck you have previously created in the Deck Builder. Any valid decks for the tournament will be marked with a green check mark and any invalid decks will be marked with a red “X”.


Q. How do I know if I am in the tournament?

A. If you have the tournament dialog box up on your screen and your name is in green, then you are in the tournament and ready to go.


Q. Can I change my deck during the tournament?

A. You cannot change your deck between rounds in a constructed tournament, this would give players an unfair advantage by adapting to the specific tournament environment. However, in a sealed deck or draft tournament you will be able to change cards in your deck with the other cards you received in the tournament, not from cards in your collection.

A.状況によってデッキを交換することは、プレイヤーに不公平な格差を与えるため、constructed(標準の)トーナメントの途中では、デッキの交換は行えません。しかし、sealed deckやdraftによるトーナメントでは、あなたのコレクションではなく、トーナメント中に提供されたカードの中で交換を行うことは可能です。

Q. Can we watch tournament games?

A. No, you cannot watch a tournament game in progress. Watching potential opponent’s games could give you an unfair advantage if you become paired up with them.


Q. Can I join a tournament late?

A. No, the tournament becomes locked after it begins and new players are not allowed.


Q. How long does a single round last?

A. This could vary from tournament to tournament, but the standard is a 30 minute chess clock, meaning that each player has 15 minutes total to make all their game play decisions in a single match.


Q. Can a round begin early if all players in a round are finished before the 30 minute time is up?

A. Yes, the time clock is the maximum time the current round can last, but it can start earlier than the maximum time.


Q. What happens if my timer runs out in my match?

A. You lose the game, even if you were ahead on health and quests completed.


Q. Once my game is done, what should I do?

A. There are several things you can do between rounds. You can stay in the Tournaments Lobby or you can go to other lobbies and chat with players, you can play skirmish and scenario games, and you can work on other decks. You cannot play casual game lobby matches, as it would be unfair to your opponent if you suddenly left mid-game. The tournament will automatically pull you back to the tournament lobby 10 seconds before the next round starts. You can always keep track of how much time you have by looking at the tournament timer in the lower left corner of your Legends of Norrath client.

A.ラウンドの合間にあなたが出来ることがいくつかあります。あなたは、トーナメントロビーに残るか、他のロビーに行って他のプレイヤーとチャットを行ったり、スカーミッシュやシナリオをプレイしたり、他のデッキを使用することが可能です。対戦相手にとって、あなたが試合の途中で抜けてしまうことはよくないため、casual gameロビーでの試合を行うことは出来ません。トーナメントは、次のラウンド開始10秒前には、あなたを自動的にトーナメントロビーに引き戻します。Legends of Norrathのクライアント左下の角にあるトーナメントタイマーで、いつでも残り時間を確認することができます。

Q. Can I restart or change from the MMO client to the stand-alone client during the tournament, or vice-versa?

A. Yes, however, if you do this too close to when a new round begins, you run the risk of getting a game-loss. We don’t recommend doing this.


Q. What happens if I lose connection during a game in the tournament?

A. You have 10 minutes to get back in the game, but you should try to connect as fast as you can because your tournament timer will be counting down.


Q. If I lose a game am I out of the tournament?

A. There are several different types of tournaments, but the most common type we will have are “Swiss” style tournaments. In Swiss tournaments each player will play in every round of the tournament, if you lose a game you are not eliminated from the event. Players will be seeded with other players in each round with similar win/loss records. In an “elimination” style tournament you will be eliminated by losing a specified number of matches. Each tournament will clearly state which style of event it is so you know beforehand what to expect.


Q. How are standings determined?
A. In each round of a Swiss tournament players will be given 3 points for a victory and 1 point for a defeat. These points will accrue throughout the tournament and help pair players of similar point values against each other. The higher your point value, the better you will place in the tournament. There are no points awarded in an elimination tournament as you are out of the tournament if you are defeated. The final players in the tournament will have the highest standing.


Q. What is a “bye”?
A. A Bye is when there is an odd number of players for a given round. The lowest placing player that has not already received a Bye will be given one. That person does not have an opponent for that round and will be given a 3 point win for subsequent round standings. Please note that your points will not be updated until the beginning of the next round.


Q. How do I drop from a tournament?
A. The command to drop a tournament is “/drop <tournament ID> confirm”. For example: If the tournament ID is 34526, then the command to drop from that tournament would be/drop 34526 confirm

A.トーナメントを抜けるためのコマンドは、"/drop <トーナメントID> confirm"です。
例:トーナメントIDが34526であったばあい、そのトーナメントを抜けるためのコマンドは/drop 34526 confirmです。

Q. If I drop from a tournament will I still get prizes?
A. Yes, rewards for tournaments will still be handed out to players that drop from a tournament at the conclusion of the tournament.


Q: How does Match Play work?
A: Match Play tournaments are ones that involve one player besting the other in a series of games, such as best 2 of 3, or 3 of 5 to determine the winner of the match. When a Match Play round starts, each player will be given an opponent of similar win/loss record. When one player beats the other in one of the games within the match they will be given a medallion next to their name to indicate how many games they have won in the match. Subsequent games will start immediately upon the completion of a game provided a match winner has not been determined. When one player wins more than half of the available games in a match, they will be declared the winner.

Q:Match Playはどのように進行しますか?
A:Match Playトーナメントは、勝者を決定するために、2本先取の3本勝負や、3本先取の5本勝負のような連続したゲームを伴います。Match Playのラウンド開始時に、全てのプレイヤーは、勝敗の近い対戦相手を割り当てられます。Matchにおいて、プレイヤーが対戦相手に勝利したとき、次のゲームにおいて、名前の横に勝利数を示すメダリオンが与えられます。与えられたMatchにおいて勝敗が決まらない場合、追加のMatchが即座に開始されます。片方のプレイヤーが、与えられたMatchの過半数に勝利したとき、そのプレイヤーはその時点で勝者として扱われます。

Q: In Match Play, if I beat my opponent 2-1, do I lose rating points for the one game I lost?
A: No. Your rating points only adjust at the outcome of the entire match, not any single game within the match.

Q:Match Playにおいて、対戦相手を2勝1敗で破ったとき、この1敗でrateを失うことはありますか?

Q: In Match Play, how much time do we have for each game within a match?
A: There is no specific time for any one game. A best 2 of 3 match will have a 60-minute Tournament Timer, meaning that each player will have a 30-minute chess clock to make all their moves within the entire match. You can take longer for some games and shorter for others, but when your 30 minutes runs out you have lost the match. A best 3 of 5 match will have a 90-minute timer (45-minute chess clock each).

Q:Match Playにおいて、Matchにおけるそれぞれのゲームに制限時間はありますか?

Q: When I concede in Match Play do I concede a game or the entire match?
A: You have the option to concede either a single game or the entire match. When you right-click on the playmat it will give you the choice of which you would like to do. If you concede a single game within the match that will give the opponent more than half the number of wins they need, you will lose the entire match.

Q:Match Playにおいて降参したとき、私は単独のゲームかMatch全体のどちらに降参したことになりますか?

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