Loot Card(EQ1:Storm Break)



EQ1用Loot Card

Jade Hydra Saddle 
Onyx Hydra Saddle

Ping’s Petite Potion Pack
Ping’s Practical Potion Pack
Ping’s Protective Potion Pack

Aspect of the Brood
Aspect of the Eagle
Nimbus of Daylight
Nimbus of Midnight
Roadyle’s Mask
Writ of the Eagle
Writ of the Truthkeeper

Combine Claymore Ornament
Combine Dirk Ornament
Combine Katar Ornament
Combine Lance Ornament


Pings Penetrating Potion Package (7EQP1)
Visage of the Hideous Harpy (7EQP2)
Familiar of the Zombie Doorman (7EQP3)
Magi Shield Ornamentation (7EQP4)
Shield of Scraps (7EQP5)
Moonfang's Cub (7EQP6)
Combine Shield Ornament (7EQP7)
Chalandria's Fang (7EQP8)
Aspect of the Bloodstone (7EQP9)
Combine Arming Sword Ornamentation (7EQP10)
Nimbus of the Inquisitor (7EQP11)

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