Card of the Week: Gnoll Soothsayer


Card of the Week: Gnoll Soothsayer
by Chuck "Shocho" Kallenbach

You want to talk about a bleak future? Look at this poor guy. 

His main asset is card drawing, but it comes at the expense of his own health.

Drawing cards is important for decks that play lots of cards. 

The "unit rush deck" is a pretty standard deck type so far. 

It's easy to build, having about 50 percent units that cost 1 or 2 (a few 3's are okay).

Of course, playing that many cheap units, even though you're drawing 2 cards each turn, you can run out of cards after a few turns. 

Especially if you go first. You need a good, cheap way to get more cards into your hand, and that's where the Gnoll Soothsayer comes into the spotlight.

Paying 2 for 2 cards is a good deal, and getting a unit that might just block a raid in the mean time can't hurt. 

How do you damage this card-drawing Gnoll? Luckily, there are a few methods for accomplishing this curious goal.

Orc Taskmaster whacks one of your guys when he shows up. Why not slam your Soothsayer and draw a card when he does?

Orc Fanatic wants to hurt us and them, so you might as well draw a card by directing some friendly pain at your Soothsayer.

That crazy Gnoll Shaman really needs some practice with his spell casting, but while he's damaging every unit near him, make sure you have a Soothsayer or two... or three or four, let's draw lots of cards!

Pummel provides a nice effect, at the cost of 1 damage to one of your combatants. Again, your Gnoll Soothsayer steps up to say, "Hit me first!"

Cards are designed to work together to produce combos. 

When you see what seems to be a drawback like the text of the Gnoll Soothsayer, take a stroll through the deck builder and see if you can find an interesting way to make that work for your deck. 

This is where you find a lot of the fun in TCGs.

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