Card of the Week: Orc Fanatic


Card of the Week: Orc Fanatic
by Devin Monnens, Game Design Intern

InEverQuest, the Orc Fanatic was a fairly formidable mob for lower level players exploring Highpass Hold and were led by the fearsome Chief Gan'Shralok. InLegends of Norrath,theOrc Fanatic is one of the more dynamic cards. 
EQ1の時代、Orc FanaticはHighpass Holdを探索する低LVプレイヤーにとって
かつて恐怖のNMD"Chief  Gan'Shralok"に付き従っていたこのモンスターもまた、

He is one of the few Shadow units that hasFrenzy(the other isVenril Sathir). 
Orc Fanaticは、Frenzy効果を持つ、非常に貴重なUnitの1つです。
(もう1つはVenril Sathir:Cost7。Shadow UnitではFrenzyなUnitは実にこの2匹だけ)

He is also one of the few units that has a 'comes into play' effect. 
しかもそれだけではありません……Orc Fanaticは

Some players might be too quick to dismiss the Fanatic -- after all, why would any sane player want to damage one of his own units? 

Turns out, there are some excellent uses for the Fanatic. 

Aside from Frenzy, the most obvious advantage of this card is its ability to deal one damage to anyof your opponent's units once it comes into play. 

With the Fanatic, you can choose any of your opponent's units on the playmat, so you could even play the Fanatic at a different quest than the unit you want to damage. 

You can't do that with his closest counterpart, theBarbarian Butcher

Let's examine the Fanatic's drawback -- you have to deal a point of damage to one of your own units. 

While at first this may seem like a disadvantage, there are several cards that allow you to turn it into a decisive advantage. 

Take last week's COTW,Gnoll Soothsayer, for instance. 

This rare unit will let you draw one card for each point of damage it receives. 

This means you can play aGnoll Soothsayerand then hit it for a point of damage with the Fanatic, giving you an extra card right away. 

Let's also not forget units like theFallen Berserker, who gets +1 damage bonus for each point of damage he has when you are shadow-aligned. 

Simply deal your damage to the Berserker to increase his damage-dealing power and then attack with your frenzied Fanatic, letting you apply the damage. 

Similar strategies can be used with theOrc Taskmaster. 

If you're really brave, you can try combining theOrc FanaticandOrc TaskmasterwithBerserk Dwarf, Furious Berserker, andRaging Berserker, giving you some quick damage buff bonuses very quickly. 

However, you won't be able to make good use of theFallen Berserkerin such a deck, as his bonus only applies when your avatar becomes evil -- and if that happens, you'll get damaged every time you play a light-aligned unit. 

If it comes down to it, he can always deal that point of damage to himself -- sometimes, desperate situations call for desperate measures. 

Overall,Orc Fanaticis a very versatile card and can be put to good use in a wide variety of decks. 

Feel free to experiment with him -- you might be very surprised with the results. 

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