XLink Kai with Mac,Operation verification page


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This page is a place in which it reports on the result of operating verifying "XLink Kai" with Mac . The game used for the verification is chiefly Monster Hunter(PSP) .

XLink Kai with Mac,Operation verification page

Explanation of table

  • Result
(E) Excellent It operates without trouble.
(G) Good There is no obstacle. However, there is room about the verification.
(I) Instability Operation is not steady.
(X) Impossibility It doesn't operate.

Verification result list

Result My verification environment Other party's environment Number of players Verification day Comment
(X) GW-US54GXS OSX10.5(Intel) - - 2008/09 "XLink kai mode" doesn't correspond.
(E) GW-US54Mini2 OSX10.5(Intel) Win/Mac 2~4 2008/09
(G) GW-US54Mini2 OSX10.5(PPC) Win/Mac 2~4 2008/09 ※3
(I) AirPort OSX10.5(PPC) Win/Mac 2 2008/09 The number of people is limited.
OSX10.4(PPC) OSX,AirPort 2~3 2008/09 ※1 The number of people is limited.
(X) AirPort OSX10.4(PPC) Win/Mac Mini2 - 2008/09 ※2
(E) GW-USMicroN OSX10.5(Intel) Win/Mac 2~4 2009/01
OSX10.6(Intel) Win*3people 4 2009/11
(G) LAN-WN11/U2PSP OSX10.5(Intel) Win/Mac 2~4 2009/??
(G) GW-US300MiniS OSX10.5(Intel) Win/Mac 2~4 2009/10
(G) GW-USMini2N OSX10.6(Intel) Win/Mac 2~4 2009/10
(G) GW-USNano-G OSX10.4(Intel) Win/Mac 2~4 2010/07
※1: If it is the same environment, and AirPort, it has confirmed it up to three people or less.
※2: Synchronization cannot be taken with AirPort and the adaptor.The network cuts it immediately after beginning of the game.
※3: The Intel Mac "PLANEX USB driver utility" can be used with PPC.

The verification outcome will be added in the future.


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