Intercultural Communication and Relations

Groupwork - Making Friends Beyond the Barriers

Notice! Random Chatting Page

However, this is still under construction.
I'm waiting for everyone's work to be finished!

Notice! For editors page link.

Please wrap up the stuff in the draft here.

(maybe this one doesn't have to be done by tomorrow...
we could discuss about conclusion in class,
with what we've got for each pages.)

when you read discussions, i think we should show that we read the discussion.
but not always we need to "edit" the page (when you dont have anything special to add)
so, i suggest to add comment form each discussion, and leave a message when you read.
it is easier to use, and more like bbs or forum

  • leave comment like this -- daisuke (2008-02-04 02:31:08)
  • hmmm... iccc -- yoshimi (2008-02-04 09:24:11)
  • Sorry, I found this note out just right now. -- Jin (2008-02-10 14:16:30)
  • everyone feel free to MOVE STUFF AROUND.....if you see something that would fit better on a different page, feel free to copy and paste!!! -- courtney (2008-02-11 13:25:02)
  • hey guys, I was thinking.. maybe it would be better if we would include actual photos in our website. Just to make it appear more interesting.. what do you think? -- カトリーナ (2008-02-14 00:54:04)
  • the website is awesome! so cool!!!! love it -- masumi (2008-02-17 15:49:16)

I couldn't figure out how to make a new wiki inside moodle, so I made up one.
Maybe this can be useful to discuss outside class.

Sorry for the inconvenience, that the Wiki service that I found was only in Japanese,
so it there might be some troubles for Courtney and Katrina,
but I'll try to modify the pages into English as possible.
Just mail me if you have any troubles in using wiki.

But, I think the only Japanese that you have to understand in
using this Wiki is「ページ保存」which is below, or above
your editing form, and it means "save edit".

Editing permission is open to everyone for now,
you can edit from everywhere, so please do edit!

Maybe we can start up with writing down our notes to Wiki.

To the April students