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(Physical contact, personal space, etc.)

Final step of "Making" friends,
first step of "Keeping" friends.



The way to start the conversation with the new person (making friends)
The way to keep contact with the current friends (keeping friends)

  • Masumi Moto


- Analysis 1 Uh...Who wrote this? Sorry. Miki wrote.
American can speak anybody. (ex:During waitnig airplan)
Japanese tend to not.

How to stop conversation? (→’Oh, I an gonit to listen music, now.' and something)

American stlye: bowling (can get some points from converstaion)
Japanse style: table tennis

American: argueing is just arguind. They do not mind what other people think.
Japanese: political, region, baseball×

dry or wet concept

Examples / Actual Cases

The 'physical cnotact issue' story between the Japanese girl and British old man.
My friend who is a Japanese girl went to UK. She stayed his house such as homestay.
Some Japanese had stayed there. Every time she came back to the house, the British old houseload hugged her like his daughter.
He did that to everybody. However, my friend did not like his hug. She said to us かれはわたしにセクハラをしている。We did not think so.
The British did not know her thinking, but her feeling seemed to go his feeling. After that, he also looked like he did not like her.
That Japanese girl: worry abut physical contact. Brithsh old man: not worry about physical contact.

Solution / Recommendation / Suggestion etc.

When meeting someone new, try to be yourself. Talk about what you want to talk.
Talk about what's going on - what you did recently, your plans, what you've been busy on, etc.

(British case) Personal space and physical contact may depends on personality of each people-
but, at least understanding each other's culture is very important issue.
To avoid awkward atmosphere, understanding may lighten bad feelings.

  • Masumi Moto