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This is Masumi. I am sorry for making a new page without any permission...
if anyone thinks this is inappropriate, please delete the page.
If interested you may take a look (><) also I hope this relieves you from stress. ? lol

Doing this project, I figured out how there are so many funny
expressions in Japanese that does not exist in English.
Like what we talked randomly during discussion, we talked about
how "doki-doki" "sara-sara" does not really exist.
Onomatopoeia, right?

Then how can people express the feelings in English?!
If you were to explain "doki-doki" in English, wouldn't it be so hard?
It may sound like saying it roundabout. whatshouldmacallit.

Expression -
Japanese people might be shy in expressing something, so they
have these very useful expression words. In contrast, American
people do not need them because they are not shy!

I am sorry for making random analysis.
I know this has nothing to do with the project...

  • Just out of curiosity, does Tagalog have any onomatopoeias? Some Asian language such as Japanese and Korean has them. Or does anyone know any other language that has onomatopoeias? -- Jin (2008-02-20 00:58:32)
  • where is the edit this page button? or am i just going crazy? -- courtney (2008-02-20 01:41:35)
  • cause actually i just wanted to say that there is nothing wrong with having a random discussion page. we're just cool like that. also i wanted to say....out project was the best. no offense to the other groups or anything... -- 名無しさん (2008-02-20 01:42:25)
  • also....all lanugages have onomatop.... yeah. they all have them. but japanese is DEFNITELY one of the languages with the most. in english if we wanted to express doki doki, it woudl just be like....." i was sooo nervous that my hands were sweating!" or soemthing like that. basically we would use other phenomenon to *explain* the feeling rather than rely on the connotation of an onomatopea word! -- 名無しさん (2008-02-20 01:45:33)
  • lol, thanx~!! I thought some ppl might be "donbiki"ed (translation: "uhh, what the hell") and yeah! our project IS awesome!!! -- masumi (2008-02-20 16:04:34)
  • oops, I meant, by making random page, I thought ppl would be donbikied by me lolz. btw, I made the edit button just for courtney! yeah, too bad you have to explain the feeling, which is pretty time consuming... dokidoki ("my heart is twinkling and twirling along with the heartpump, with or with no hope of something coming up...") ahh dunno-- -- masumi (2008-02-20 16:10:50)

extra: I've found some pages related to onomatopoeia issues.
"Should Onomatopoeias in Japanese comics be translated?"


extra pointless thing:
I thought this was funny.

How do you ... translate TOKIMEKI!!!

note: I am not a fan of wat don't worry lol

Masumi Moto

courtney, feb 20 21:30
hahaha thank you so much!! im lost without the "edit page" button...

but dont you think its more fun to describe your feelings like that?? you can be more creative!!