Tasha Denu: Julie, my dear, I am trying to run a business here. You wanna spend time with my honey bees, well, I'm gonna have to start charging you for the pleasure. If I come out one more time and find you lolling
Tasha Denu: 親愛なる Julie, 私はここで開業するつもり. 私のミツバチを暫く借りたいって? そうね, その分喜んで請求させてもらうからね. もし勝手に私の巣箱に近づいて 蜜を舐めてるのを見つけたら,
Tasha Denu: out there amongst my hives, I'm grabbing my shotgun. As to your question, yes, my days in beekeeping school are a blur, but I do seem to remember something about that enzyme you keep blabbing on about.
Tasha Denu: 覚悟してなさい, 散弾銃を用意しとくからね. それで, あなたの質問だけど, 答えはイエス. 養蜂教室の記憶は曖昧だけど, あなたがベラベラ喋ってたその酵素について, 聞き覚えがあると思う.
Andrew Ryan: The children with their very long needles, their tuneless songs, their ghastly errands. Their ghoulish, Frankenstein fathers. But, we've all placed our hand on the Great Chain of endeavor. My hand is on it,
Andrew Ryan: 長い針の注射器を携え, 調子外れな歌声で, ゾッとする役目を担う子供ら. 残忍な巨人のようなその父親. だが, 我々はこぞって大いなる労苦の連鎖に手を掛けているのだ. 私も, Fontaineも...鎖を引き, あるいは鎖に引かれながら.
Andrew Ryan: Fontaine's is on it- We all pull it and are pulled by it. Yes, these children are an abomination. But it is not my hand alone on the chain that created them. No. Their little fingers were right there, next to mine.
Andrew Ryan: いかにも, あの子らは忌むべき存在だ. しかしそれを産み出した鎖は, 私一人が握っていたのではない. 違う. 彼女らの小さな指もまた, 私の手の傍らに置かれていたのだ.
Andrew Ryan: Doctor Suchong, frankly, I'm shocked by your proposal. If we were to modify the structure of our commercial plasmid line as you propose, to have them make the user vulnerable to mental suggestion
Andrew Ryan: Suchong博士, 率直に言って, 私はあなたの提言に狼狽している. 仮に提言の通り, 商用Plasmid製品の組成を改変して, フェロモンを介した暗示に対する 使用者の抵抗力を下げるならば,
Andrew Ryan: through pheromones, would we not be able to effectively control the actions of the citizens of Rapture? Free will is the cornerstone of this city. The thought of sacrificing it is abhorrent.
Andrew Ryan: Rapture 市民の行動を事実上制御できることにはなるまいか? 自由意思こそは当都市の礎である. それを犠牲にしかねない考えは受け入れがたい. しかしながら...我々は今まさに闘争のさ中だ.
Andrew Ryan: However...we are indeed in a time of war. If Atlas and his bandits have their way, will they not turn us into slaves? And what will become of free will then? Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Andrew Ryan: Atlas並びにその一党の思惑通りとなった段には, 奴らは我らを奴隷の身に貶めはすまいか? そうなれば自由意思は どうなってしまうというのか? 窮余の時局には窮余の方策が必要なのだ.
Andrew Ryan: On my walk today I had my first encounter with a pair of them...he, a lumbering palooka in a foul smelling diving suit, and she, an unwashed moppet in a filthy pink smock. Her pallor was off, green and morbid, and
Andrew Ryan: 今日道すがら, あの二人組に初めて遭遇した... 鼻を突くぼろ潜水服で のし歩く巨躯の彼と, 汚れたピンクのスモックをかぶった 不潔な彼女だ. 彼女の肌色は悪く, 青ざめて病的で,
Andrew Ryan: there was a rather unpleasant aspect to her demeanor, as if she were in an altogether different place than the rest of us ...I understand the need for such creatures. I just wish they could make them more presentable.
Andrew Ryan: その振る舞いは 我々とはおよそ異なる世界にいるような, ひどく不快なものだった.... この生き物達の必要性は理解している. ただ, 多少見栄え良くはできないものか.
Tenenbaum: One of the children came and sat in my lap. I push her off, I shout, 'Get away from me!' I can see the Adam oozing out of the corner of her mouth, thick and green. Her filthy hair hanging in her face,
Tenenbaum: あの子たちの一人が私の膝の上に座ったの. 私は思わずはねのけて 「近寄らないで!」と叫んでしまった. その子の厚くて血色の悪い口の端からは Adamが滲み出している.
Tenenbaum: dirty clothes, and that dead glow in her eye... I feel ...hatred, like I never felt before, in my chest. Bitter, burning, fury. I can barely breathe. And suddenly, I know, it is not this child I hate.
Tenenbaum: 薄汚れた服, そして気味悪く光る目にかかる不潔な髪... 生涯感じたことのない嫌悪を感じたわ. 息も出来ないほどの辛苦, 焦燥, 憤怒.. 突然悟ったのは, 違うということ. 私の嫌悪は この子たちから感じていたのでは なかったのね.
Pierre Gobbi: In ten years in this dump, I've come to accept a very low standard of life. But even at the bottom of this fish tank, a man must have standards. The pathetic trou du cul down at Worley Winery has started
Pierre Gobbi: このゴミ溜めで10年. すっかり最低最悪の生活が 当たり前になっちまったが, いくらこの水槽の中でも やっていいことと悪いことがある.  あの大馬鹿野郎は Worley Wineryで やつの糞不味いワインに 水を混ぜはじめやがった...水だぞ!!
Pierre Gobbi: putting water to his terrible wine...water!!! When I confronted him with this fact, he tells me, 'Pierre, this is not to worry, the water, she is distilled. It could be worse...I could take it right from the ocean...'
Pierre Gobbi: この事で奴を問い詰めてやったんだが, 奴はこう言ったよ. 「Pierre, 水のことだったら心配は要らんぞ, こいつぁ ちゃあんと蒸留してあるんだ.  味はまあ多少落ちるかもしれん... 元は海水だからな」
Tenenbaum: Adam acts like a benign cancer, destroying native cells and replacing them with unstable stem versions. While this very instability is what gives it its amazing properties, it is also what causes the
Tenenbaum: Adamは良性腫瘍のように, 自然な細胞を破壊し, 不安定な状態に置き換える. この不安定性が まさしく驚くべき効果の要因だけど, 外見的にも精神的にも 障害を生じてしまう. それを抑制するために,
Tenenbaum: cosmetic and mental damage. You need more and more Adam just to keep back the tide. From a medical standpoint, this is catastrophic. From a business standpoint, well...Fontaine sees the possibilities...
Tenenbaum: より多くの Adamが必要になる. 医学的見地では, これは致命的欠陥だけど, ビジネス的見地では...その...Fontaine は可能性を見いだしている.
Atlas: Why do they wear those masks? Maybe there's a part of them that remembers how they used to be, how they used to look. And they're ashamed.
Atlas: 奴らどうしてあんな仮面を被っているのか? 思うに, 彼らの中のある部分が, かつての自分自信, どんな姿だったかを 覚えているんじゃないかな. それで恥ずかしいと感じるんだ.
Tenenbaum: The children must remain functional to be effective producers of Adam. I had hoped we place them into vegetative state, so they would be more pliable. I find being around them very
Tenenbaum: 子供たちには 有能なAdam製造者として 機能性を持たせる必要がある. 本当は従順な植物状態に してしまいたかったのだけど. どうにも居心地の悪い気分だわ.
Tenenbaum: uncomfortable. Even with those things implanted in their bellies, they are still children. They play, and sing. Sometimes they look at me, and they don't stop. Sometimes they smile.
Tenenbaum: 腹部にあれが埋め込まれていても, あの子たちはやはり子供. 遊び, 歌う. ときどき私のことをじっと見る. ときどき微笑みかけてくる.
Atlas: Do you have all the components for the Lazarus Vector yet? If you do, best head to a crafting station. Then, head back to Langford's lab and put the whole witch's brew in the mister. That should clear this fog right up.
Atlas: 原料は全部集まったか? だったらU-InventでLazarus Vectorを作るんだ. それから Langfordの研究所に戻って, 魔女の秘薬を ありったけ噴霧器にぶち込む. そいつがこの毒霧を消してくれるはずだ.
Atlas: From the sounds of that U-Invent, I'm guessing you're the proud papa of a brand new Lazarus Vector. Now drop the Vector into a gadget called the Central Misting Control. Then we'll be cooking with gas.
Atlas: その U-Inventの音からすると, ぴかぴかの Lazarus Vectorの誇れるパパになったようだな. さあ Vectorを Central Misting Controlとかいう機械に流し込むんだ. それでガスをどうにかできるだろう.