Loot Card(EQ2:Storm Break)



EQ2用Loot Card

A Fiery Horse Whistle
A Frost Horse Whistle

Snow Bunny Helm

Potion of Deflation
Portion of Enlargement

Home Sweet Home

The Snow Bunny Avenger

Cloak of the Quick Repair
Kruzz’s Cloak
Speedy Bard’s Cloak

Dressmaker’s Trainer
Legends Painting: Volume 3
Painting: Outer Demons
Painting: The Shadowknight
Kaltuk’s Tapestry
Nurgg’s Tapestry


Draught of the Monarch (7EQIIP1)
Unstable Void Tunnel (7EQIIP2)
Emissary of the Void (7EQIIP3)
Painting: Arasai Favors (7EQIIP4)
Golden Cockatrice (7EQIIP5)
Tamed Stag (7EQIIP6)
Tapestry of the Frozen Treat (7EQIIP7)
Cloak of the Arachnid (7EQIIP8)
Roadyle Terethe's Cloak (7EQIIP9)
Painting: Arabesque (7EQIIP10)
Painting: Deep Thoughts (7EQIIP11)

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